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Chevelle – Bend The Bracket tab

It's not exactly as the song goes, but it sounds better like this is you're doing an acoustic solo...

again, this ISN'T HOW IT'S PLAYED ON THE CD....but it's easy and it sounds good if 
gonna play this on an acoustic by yourself

E5 is a power chord |0-7-9-9-0-0-----|G5 is a power chord |0-10-12-12-0-0--|D5 is a power chord |0-5-7-7-0-0-----|F is |5-6-5-7-0-x| or |1-1-2-3-x-x---|C is |0-3-2-0-1-0--------------------|
E5 G5 D5 So the water's thickening his collar's pulled E5 G5 D5 begin to be aware...It's on E5 G5 D5 that he needs to focus beyond that man E5 G5 D5 he brings a world of pain Cause [Chorus] F D5 C D5 The war is on, too weak to move F D5 C D5 Call it off, sorry refused E5 G5 D5 So we bend the bracket, shove it down E5 G5 D5 anything to make it's on E5 G5 D5 and being foolish won't cover up E5 G5 D5 Exposing them as fakes [Chorus] E5 G5 D5 So boredom captured another fool E5 G5 D5 Shredding him to's on E5 G5 D5 And the more we tense up, avoiding pain E5 G5 D5 You'll never learn a thing
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