Cheyenne Kimball - Mr Beautiful chords version 1

verse 1

BDm F CI look at the pictures and I have to wonder why
BDm F CYou were always laughing and I'm about
BDm F CIt's hard to see the mirror, when your blinded by the sun
BDm F CAnd I can't say I'm sorry, I thought your were the one
BDm F CI gotta keep leaving, if I'm gonna get over you
BDm F CI gotta keep moving, after all that I could do
BDmI gotta believe in, that we wrote down the truth
BDm F BGoodbye Mr. Beautiful, you're someone I never knew
verse 2
BDm F CI think of all the moments, when I was so alone
BDm F CAnd you were there right next to me, but nobody was home
BDm F CI was like a prisoner, inside your selfish world
BDm F CThere wasn't enough room for me and all your other girls
Repeat Chorus
BDm F C BDm F And don't tell me you love me, you don't know what love is anyway
BDm F CI'm saying it's over and I wanna do what I say
BDm F CAnd I gave you a million chances to make it right
BDm F CMake it right, make it right
BDm F CYou're never gonna make it right, so
Repeat Chorus
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