Chezidek – Leave The Trees tab

Transpose: - 81k
My interpretation of CHEZIDEK’S LEAVE 
THE TREES a cover of  Jacob miller’s
A chapter a day. In facts it’s a riddim cover
By a couple of artists on the A CHAPTER
A DAY RIDDIM ALBUM. Chezidek a.k.a
Skank it reggae style or that choppy strumming
pattern. Leaves the trees - chezidek
Comments & stuffs to or ENJOY.

Chords (B  Em   C     D) PROGRESSION RUNS
            E   A   D   G   B   e
    B    ( 0   2    3    3   3    0 )
    Em ( 0   2    2    0   0    0 )
    C    ( 0   3    5    5   5    0 )
    D    ( 0   0    0    2   3    2 )
B                      Em                     C                      D
The herb is free
babylon is not free
they just cant stand to see this likkle tree

Verse 1:
when you smoke your dirty coke
and it turn you in a ghost
do you see me smiling with my trial in my head
you been carrying feelings
now you in my garden
you and your squad is trying to cut down all my herbs

Leave the trees, and let them be (lord lord)
cant you see, your destroying the environment
Leave the trees, and let them be (whoa whoa)
cant you see,you boaring a hole inna di o-zone layer

Verse 2: 
oh dont shout now
i'm just a likkle yute now
gon give you the food already
oh you a gwaan to rude, go steady
or everything shall come to a end
i run out dem haffi draw fi di (?)
such event, you caah get a red cent
give i back i (?)


Verse 3:
its not just about smoking
its my medicine,my food and my clothing
and for spiritual reasons
my meditations, (??)
and its a way of surviving
a shoulda ban for the suffering classes
think of all the children it sent to school


Verse 4:
when you drink your dirty rum
and you fall and tumble down
do you see me standing with my steal(?) pipe in my hand
you been carrying feelings
not your in my garden
you and your squad is trying to cut down all i herbs

Chorus till fad.... - 81k
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