Chicosci – Pimpstyle chords

Left handed
song; pimpstyle
artist; chicosci and slapshock
tuning; Drop C
submitted by; jilmark I. factor
text me if you have request for the chords; 09122432418
ym, fs and fb;

intro; B,D,C#-B,D,C#-A-;(4x)
B,D,C#-B,D,C#-A-Go away
Get down jamir:
BSold my soul away
You can even trade this way Grab a 45 and start a judgement day, ok
BAnother propaganda
Do the black drama I wonder the days getting sweeter miguel:
C#But it’s all I’ve got you
I’m coming off through You don't have to tell me when I’m gonna make my move
BAll the people strike while I make my way
Consider my life, I do bullshit every single day
B-B/DBreak me, come on break me
Ab E BI’ll see you on my way
F#While I try to sell my soul
Ab E BI’ll try to be okay
F#While I try to take control
interlude; B,D,C#-B,D,C#-A- jamir:
BBack from track to suck my load
Keep this up, all the shit and the crumb that you never heard I don’t make partition To amass humanization Tension has arrived For the anti adhesion miguel:
C#Even though I’m packaging
I’m so, gonna make you fall down Got to take control
BKilling my identity
Cause that’s what I wanna see You’re my all time enemy Feel the loco, insanity -- repeat chorus -- ad lib; B,D,C#-B,D,C#-A- B/C#-D-;(8x) C#/Ab;(16x) B--; B,D,C#-B,D,C#-A-;(4x)
B-B/DBreak me, come on break me
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