Chicosci - Glass Is Broken chords version 1

song; glass is broken
artist; chicosci
tuning; Drop D
submitted by; jilmark I. factor
text me; 09122432418
ym, fs and fb;

intro; Ab-B/Bb;(8x)A-B/Bb;(4x) 

B F# E F# A/F#Climb down from your sky (My wish to hold you)
B D F# ETake me through what's missing
F#-A-And I promise
A-B/Bb;(4x) DI won't lose? Myself again
A-B/Bb;(4x)Knowing that soon you'll turn
Ab Bb BBring me to the light
Ab Bb BGet me through the night
Ab Bb BBring me to the light
AbAnd maybe I'll
Bb BKeep you Again
interlude; A-B/Bb;(4x) (do verse) I feel like this won't count (I'd like to gain this for you) This place and time wont forget Cause I'm so unlike you -- repeat refrain -- -- repeat chorus -- ad lib; Ab/Bb/B,D,C#,F -- repeat chorus --
Ab-Bb-B-Again .. (4x)
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