Chicosci - When Flight Is Denied chords version 1

song; when flight is denied
artist; chicosci
tuning; Drop C
submitted by; jilmark I. factor
text me; 09122432418
ym, fs and fb;

intro; C,D,C,D,C,D,C,F-A-;

Dsearching for reason
Cwe're guided
we follow
D Ca desperate longing for light
intro "Let me go they say"
DShe stays still
CShe sheds a tear
Din her dreams the world is better
Cwithout her
Dan open wrist
Ccalls even stronger
Dno amount of healing
Cwill ever make it better
A Gyes there is an underside
A Gbut it's beautiful as well
C,D,C,D,C,D,C,F-A-;(2x)just don't kiss it goodbye
C,D,C,D,C,D,C,F-A-;(2x)just open your eyes
C,D,C,D,C,D,C,F-A-;you'll see that we have wings
C,D,C,D,C,D,C,F-A-;greater than anything you can imagine
C,D,C,D,C,D,C,F-A-;don't kiss it goodbye
Dhe lights a match
Che's hoping
he's wishing
D Che'll burn out sooner than it will
Ddays go by
Csame hours
the same life
D cthe same nothing he's had for years
-- repeat refrain -- -- repeat chorus --
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