Chicosci - January Days tab

Bm                A                        G
My January days, they feel so dark and old
Bm             A                       G
My January days, all about to come true
Bm            D          G 2X
Hey mother, I will sing
Bm              A                     G
Stay, when nothingís meant for you
Bm                A                       G
These ordinary days, but we donít have to go
Bm        A                    G
I know there are these hings
Bm        A            G
That are lying in wait
Bm             A                     G
Iíve seen them before, I was dreaming awake
Bm              A                G
A photo of a vampire, donít let it go

This time, Iím escaping in a different way
The glass could never hold me
(I canít wait, no I wont wait)
Stay, still nothingís made for you
These ordinary days, tomorrowís another show
I know all the secrets that are lying in wait
Iíve seen them before, you were dreaming awake
Pictures of a sunset, will never do
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