Chiddy Bang – Handclaps Guitars chords

Linh-Thong Nguyen

Key Signature: A major
Capo: 2


I like the sound of acoustic guitars, so it looks like this:

[F#m, 044055]
[A, 540055]

NOTE: The song is very repetitive in the guitar chords;
it's F#m, then A, ad infinitum.

Let's go!~

Everybody's simple then and these niggas is simpletons
Tell them bitches fall back, just like they was limboin'
We still got a Acura but show time we be limoin'
Rest in peace to the dead, bring that white widow in
Chiddy's '90s baby, it ain't gold and shiny baby
She been tryin' to buy me lately
Got a temper tiny baby
Yeah, swelly is just a movement, hope you understand that
Yo, Xaph, it's crazy how we sample on that hand-clap
And that's quite amazing if they ask me
Shit, does somebody have a L that they could pass me?
I upgraded to a little more classy
I guess I got this in the bag, we should have tea
English girls, English girls, shorty said she came in part
To the fact I'm good with words, yeah I got that language arts
Cruisin' by the ocean cause I know this is a game of sharks
Music and money, bet I never let it change my heart

F#m AOh oh ooh oh, I just came to party
[VERSE 2] Grind don't stop, I'm on top Liquor closes 9 o'clock And they say I'm dripping swell, somebody should find a mop I be where it's sunny then I'm touring where the climate drops Watch for police then hit boutiques like it is time to cop Yeah, I'm just trying to park, so can I find my spot? Paris complainin' sayin' we don't spend time a lot I'm super chill, but I think that's just the pot in me Plus we be feelin' like that movie that they gotta see So, who hot as me? Take a bitch on a Oddyssey We just smoke a lot of tree, it's good for the economy Yeah I'm still up on my grizzly, Mike Conley That was just a preview, cause they got nothing on we Fresh whenever comin' out, mixtape laundry Started off a van, elevated to an R&V Then a few niggas got emotional, R&B Cause when your shit get in their face it really ain't hard to see [HOOK] REMEMBER: Add flourishes, if this gets a little boring. [~_~] BANZAI
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