Children 18 3 - Oh Honestly chords

Cmaj Cmaj7Isnt it easier if you want it like that
to run away baby
Fmaj F minnever come back then to sit around and cry
Fmaj Cmaj Cmaj7 Oh Honestly if you try and find a problem hear
Fmajyou probably will
C majIts ok to cry and its right to try
Fmajjust dont let it bring 0n a standstill
Aflat major Chorus:
A minor D minor G majListen to the wind blow over
Cmajthe branches
A minor D minor Gmaj CmajListen to the waves crash on the shore
A minor D minor GmajI dont have dont have the big plan just small glances
Ab minorand every now and then im stil unsure
VERSE 2 same chords
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