Chimaira - On Broken Glass tab

Hey guys! I am new to the site and I thought I would submit the intro to On Broken Glass
Chimaira. I have never tabbed a song before because I have not been playing that long,
I thought the intro to this particular song was worth the effort to figure out and to 
us all over until someone tabbed out the whole song. I know most Chimaira songs are
C, but this is the only tuning I could figure it out in. Enjoy!

pm = palm mute

Guitar 1
Riff 1

E]-----------------------------------------------]B]-----------------------------------------------]G]-----------------------------------------------]Repeat 4 XD]-----------------------------------------------]A]---------------6----------------6--------------]D]--555--4--0--5-----555--4--0--5-----555--4--0--]pm. --- - - - --- - - - --- - -
After the 4th time, do a simple slide...
Guitar 2 plays the same thing Guitar 1 does(Riff 1), but after the slide, guitar 1 and guitar 2 continues to play this... Guitar 2 Riff 2
E]-------------------------------------------------]B]-------------------------------------------------]G]-------------------------------------------------]D]-------------------------------------------------]A]----------------6--0--0--5--3--2--0--6--4--3--0--]D]--555--4--0--5-----0--0--5--3--2--0--6--4--3--0--]pm. --- - - - - - - - - - - -
During this part, guitar 1 then does a volume swell and feedback with this...
Finally, when the vocals come in, Guitar 1 performs Riff 2 with Guitar 2 with a slight the first 2 times... Guitar 1 Riff 2 (Variation)
E]-------------------------------------------------]B]-------------------------------------------------]G]-------------------------------------------------]D]---------------4---------------------------------]A]-------------------------------------------------]D]--555--4--0--5-----0--0--5--3--2--0--6--4--3--0--]pm. --- - - - - - - - - - - -
Well that's all I got, hopefully someone can take this as a start point and improve upon I though The Infection was a great CD by an awesome band! Any comments, questions, feel to email me at Cheers!
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