Chimaira - Hammer And What tab

band: Chimaira
song: hammer and what

tabber: John Cukras
AIM: sanguinarylord

tuning: C G C F A D

Riff 1: Part A Part B Part CD-----------------------------|---------------------|---------------A-----------------------------|---------------------|---------------F-----------------------------|---------------------|-11111111-2-3-4C-1h0-1h0-2-3 x's 3 -1h0-1h0--|---------------------|---------------G-----------------------------|-1h0-1h0-2-3---------|---------------C-----------------------------|-1h0-1h0-2-3 x's 8--|--------------- x's 8pm ........
Riff 1 Part B x's 8
Riff 2:D--------------------A--------------------F--------------------C-3-3-3-333-4-4-4-444G-1-1-1-111-2-2-2-222C-------------------- x's 2
Riff 1 Part C x's 8 Riff 2 x's 2
Riff 3:D--------------A--------------F--------------C--------------G-7-5-6-4-3-5-1C-7-5-6-4-3-5-1 x's 4
Riff 1 Part B x's 8 Riff 2 x's 2 Riff 3 once
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