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China Ann Mcclain – My Crush chords

Hi guys! I really really love the show A.N.T. Farm, and love their songs, but 
noticed there weren't any posted, so I thought I'd go for it. This one is really 
easy, it's just the same chords over and over. I was a little unsure about the 
bridge, since there's no guitar, just violin in it, but I'm pretty sure it's the 
same as the verse and chorus. If you have any corrections, just leave a comment or 
email me at Rate and comment please!!

Capo on first fret

F CNa na na na na na na
Dm BbNa na na na na na na
F C DmHis name is written above my heart
BbLike he fell from the stars
F C DmAnd when he says hello I can't deny
BbThat I want him to be mine
FHe's the sweetest kind of guy
CThe sweetest kind of guy
DmThe more I get to know him
BbWell the more I cannot hide
F C DmThat he's on my mind every single day ay
BbHope he never goes away
F CMy crush has got to be the real thing
Dm BbI love how good that I've been feeling
F CI'm dreaming head over heels
Dm BbOver my crush, my crush, my crush
F CNa na na na na na na
Dm BbNa na na na na na na
F C DmOh he knows me better than I know myself
BbWith every word he says I melt
F C DmI've been looking for someone to share my everything
BbAnd I finally found my dream
F I can't wait to see his face
CWait to see his face
Dm When he looks at me like that
BbOh I feel like I can faint
F C DmI've got butterflies and they're flying all over the place
BbHope I always feel this way
Chorus 2x
F CWhen I see him I go crazy
Dm BbCan't control emotions lately
F CWhen our eyes meet, my heart's flying
Dm BbUp above the clouds I'm gliding
F CAll I know is I'm so happy
Dm BbOut of everyone he gets me
Chorus 3x
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