Chiodos – Those Who Slay Together Stay Together chords

|Those Who Slay Together Stay Together|

|This tab isn't necessarily for people who want to play the song acoustic. I just made
this as an outline so people can finally figure out all weird chord progressions that are
going on in the song. If you do decide to use this as a guide to play it acoustic, I 
warn you, it may sound weird.|


* - Play twice
? - Not sure if major or minor. Could be diminished or some weird crap. If you don't
know music theory just play a power chord or something.

Intro: D*, A, A#

Dmin* A# Db? FLight came through a crack in the wall,
A# A Dmin*That red sun slowly rose,
A# Db? F A# Db?At the break of dawn they came, for us.
Dmin A Db? AFor a while we were safe and sound,
Gmin E? A Db?Came like thieves and robbed our town,
Dmin A Db? A Gmin E? AOf all the life, of everything we knew,
A***Living versus the dead.
D* A# APray to your god,
F A# Db?Hell is on its way,
D A# A FHounds rolling in, like a rancid fog and the world that we knew
A# Db? D**Was raining blood.
D A#Here we are,
(Here we are.)
F E FWe knew the day would come,
Dmin A# FThose who slay together, stay together,
Emin FIn the end.
Dmin A Db? A Gmin E Db? (Do this Twice) Crimson irises, the army of the infected They smelled our scent, Sensed our fear, They knew where we were! Dmin, A (Do this twice) Dmin, A#, A. The artist of the night, They're painting the town red with blood. They came through the door like a flood, Like a flood.
F DminA force too strong to handle,
Gmin A# A FWe were attacked like a candle surrounded by demons who don't want the
GminThey darkened our ability,
A#To see through the night.
A FOHHHHHHH. (Ooo Ohhhh)
DminCome through hell or high water,
A# F DminThey'll never leave one another alone,
A# Db?This plague has taken control of us.
DminCome through hell or high water,
A# FWe die, only to be born,
Dmin A# Db?Into a, monstrosity.
Dmin Gmin C FLight came through the crack in the wall,
A# Db Dmin DbThat red sun slowly fell down,
A# DbAnd we devoured all that we could,
Oh yes we did. (same as above) We can nurse ourselves in all the blood, Biting each and every one, The army of the infected.
Dmin, G#?,A#, Gmin(Screams)
Dim, G#?, A#, GminWe are the infected.
We are the infected. |Chorus|
Dmin A#Here we are,
(Here we are.)
F E FWe knew this day would come,
Dmin A# FThose who slay together, stay together.
A# A DminIn the end.
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