Chixdiggit – My Girls Retro tab

                     MY GIRL'S RETRO - Chixdiggit!

By: felipe hosken:

intro / choruse|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|----------------------------|D|--8/999-8/999-6/999--9-8----|A|--8/999-8/999-6/999--7-6----|E|--6/777-6/777-6/777---------| Bb/B Bb/B Bb/B E D#
intro: 2x chorus: my girl's retro (x3) my girl's retro (x3) verse 1:
e|-------------------------|B|----E---------F#---------|G|-------------------------|D|--999999---11111111------|A|--777777---99999999------|E|-------------------------| E F#scooby doo lunch pail in her handsjust like the six million dollar manlooks good in adidas gazellesass like grand master melle-mel
chorus: my girl's retro (x3) my girl's retro (x3) verse: wears a silver jacket and silver pants loves to watch TV and loves to dance i know all the old tv shows just because my girl's retro
solo 2xe|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-------------------7-6---|D|----6/77-6/77-6/77-------|A|-------------------------|E|-------------------------| guitar 1 guitar 2 = same as intro
verse: try to catch up to 20 years ago just like her favorite tv shows looks good in adidas gazelles ass like grand master melle-mel chorus: my girl's retro (x3)
final: 4x - (last time let ring)e|--------|B|--------|G|--------|D|---9----|A|---9----|E|---7----|
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