Choking Victim – Nobody Is Free tab

NOBODY IS FREE!!! learnd by ear and it sound right but just try it
~=let ring
now i just started on this site and this is my first tab and its pretty fucking right. i 
by ear and learn by it so enjoy the good the bad and the leftover crack!!!

for the opening play verse open then for verse just palm mute

you have to lisen to the song for times played
chorus (NOBODY IS FREE!!!!)e------14--17--14--17--14~~--14--17--15--15--15~~-|b---15---15--15--15--15-----15--15--15--15--15----|g-------------------------------------------------|d-------------------------------------------------|a-------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------|
agian lisen to the song for play pattern These tabs are pretty damn accurate if you ask me. i spent alot of time playing this so enjoy it
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