Chris August - Want To Be Real chords version 1

Chris August I Wanna Be Real
Into: A  D Bass: G#,A,E

A EIíve never said this before
D2Iíve never opened that door so wide
A E No one else is around
D2There is no good reason for me to hide
F# D2 And I, I want to be real
A ESo Iím throwin out words I donít fully understand
F# I could be talkin to myself but I
donít think I am
ECause youíre always there through the fight
D D Savin my heart from the doubt inside
A EIím not the man that I was
D I used to see you in highs and lows
A EBut now I keep on believing
DAnd even if I canít see, you show
F# D2And I, I want to be real oh, yea
Chorus Bridge:
F# DAnd I, I want to be real x2
F#Thereís too much at steak and im
D tired of fakin I just wanna be real I
Djust wanna be real. X2
F# Thereís too much at steak I donít
D care if I Break I just wanna be real
D2I wanna be real
Chorus Youíre always right by my side
AIíve never said this before
DIíve never opened the door so wide
But I think itís time
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