Chris August – Winter Time chords

Found this guy really recently, and I am so glad I did! Disappointing lack of 
chords for his songs around, so, I'm doing my part to fix that :]

This is a beautifully-worded song with lots of beautiful chords. Try to listen to 
the recording to figure out the exact passages and patterns on the piano. It's 
fairly easy to figure out.

These chords are optimized for piano, so I'm not sure how it's gonna sound for you 
guitar folks. If you have any questions or need some clarification, shoot me an 
email at Happy playing!

Verse I:
Eb/G Eb/AbI'm laying here, waiting for you
Bb AbOur season's comin round.
Eb/G Eb/AbThe weather's cold, next thing I know
Bb AbThe ice is on the ground.
Ab Ab2 Eb/Bb BbEvery year you meet me here, but you never stay...
Ab Bb EbYou’re like an angel in the snow
Ab Bb EbI knew you'd come, but soon you'll go.
Ab BbYou have to leave but believe
Cm Cm/Bb AbYou'll be frozen in my mind -
Cm/F Bb/G AbAnd back to li_____________fe, come winter time.
Instrumental: Eb/G Eb/Ab Bb Ab Verse II: Night time comes and soon it'll go, and hide behind the light. I open my eyes and peak outside, the ground is colored white. I hate it when you leave, but I love when you arrive... Chorus Bridge:
Cm/F Eb/C Bb I don't know wh_______y
Cm/F Eb/C Bb You have to come and go...
Cm/F But when the weather gets warm,
Eb/GAnd the sun starts to shine,
AbI know its time
Eb/C BbTo say good-bye... Yeah...
Instrumental Chorus END
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