Chris August – Winter Time chords ver. 2

Tabbed by Chad_Thunder
I will try to have the guitar riff in the bridge soon

Standard tuning


Fmaj7 G C x2

Fmaj7I'm laying here, waiting for you
G COur season's comin round
Fmaj7 The weather's cold, next thing I know
G CThe ice is on the ground
Fmaj7 G C GEvery year you meet me here, but you never stay
G Fmaj7 G C Csus CYou're like an angel in the snow
C Fmaj7 G C Csus CI knew you'd come, but soon you'll go
C Fmaj7 GYou have to leave but believe
G Am C FYou'll be frozen in my mind
F Dm7 Am G Fmaj G CAnd back to li - i - ife come winter time
VERSE 2: Night time comes and soon will go and hide behind the light I open my eyes and peak outside; the ground is colored white I hate it when you leave but I love when you arrive CHORUS BRIDGE:
Dm7 C GI don't know wh - y
Dm7 Am GYou have to come and go
Dm7 But when the weather gets warm
C/G Fmaj7 GAnd the sun starts to shine I know its time
C GTo say good-bye
INTERLUDE (Same as Intro) CHORUS- When he repeats "and back to life" it's the same three chords repeated OUTRO (same as Intro)
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