Chris Boomer – I Know How chords

I couldnt find any lyrics for this song anywhere. And, I couldn't understand part 
of the song, but I used what lyrics sounded right.

G, D, Em, C then D, Em, C, D

I need you cause I miss you so
And I'm not one for letting go
The feeling inside reaches ....

I think about you every night and day
I dream about the things you say
That you wanna be here with me, oh yea

I don't know what to do, yea
I don't know how to prove this
I don't know who to be when you're not around
Help me get through this
I only need you, yes
I'm telling you the only way I know how

Sometimes I can still see your face
And touch your skin and feel your embrace
And I remember our time and place

But if it's really got to be this way
Then you should pause this and never hear it play
Cause I'm afraid this is all I can say

(Repeat Chorus)
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