Chris Brown - I Can Transform Ya tab

			                     I CAN TRANSFORM YA - Chris Brown
					                           off "Graffiti (2010)"
Tabbed by: Kevin Heiland (KevyAbsolution)
Notes: Really simple song. Just a few power chords and some small licks. Most
repeat a few times. Nothing difficult, but I like the song, so here's just one  
more tab.

Tuning: DADGBE

"Need a ride, I can range you up..." (0:34)

"I can transform ya, I can transform ya." (0:57)
"I can trans, I can trans, I can transform ya." (1:07)
"Anything you want, I can I can get it for you. (1:18)
And that's it. Those licks repeat through the song while the whole tune revolves around a G minor chord. ************************************
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