Chris Brown - Crawl chords version 6

Here's how i play the song:

Capo 2nd fret


D G Em G6e|2---3---0---0|B|3---3---0---0|G|2---0---0---0|D|0---0---2---0|A|0---2---2---2|E|X---3---0---3|
IMHO the song's originally in Bb, so the chords should be Bb, Eb, Cm, and Eb6 instead, I prefer singing and playing in D. Comments and critics welcome. [Verse 1]
D GEverybody see's it's you
Em D(or stay on Em)I'm the one that lost the view
D GEverybody says we're through
Em D(or Em)I hope you haven't said it too
DSo where
GDo we go from here
Em D(Em)With all this fear in our eyes
DAnd where
GCan love take us now
EmWe've been so far down
Em(!)We can still touch the sky
DIf we crawl
G6Till we can walk again
DThen we'll run
G6Until we're strong enough to jump
DThen we'll fly
G6Until there is no end
G6 G6 GSo let's crawl, crawl, crawl
D GBack to love, Yeah
Em D(Em)Back to love, Yeah
[Verse 2] Why did I change the pace Hearts were never meant to race I always felt the need for space But now I can't reach your face So where Are you standing now Are you in the crowd of my faults Love, can you see my hand? I need one more chance We can still have it all [Chorus] [Bridge]
D GEverybody see's it's you
Em D(Em)Well I never wanna lose that view
[Chorus] Cheers, Dom.
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