Chris Brown - Crawl chords


A G (Cm) A - Like this throughout the whole song


A GEverybody sees its you.
(Cm) AIm the one that lost the view.
A GEverybody says were through.
(Cm) AI hope you havent said it too.
So where do we go from here, With all this fear in our eyes? And, where can love take us now?
(Cm) AWeve been so far down.
We can still touch the sky. Chorus:
A GIf we crawl
til we can walk again
(Cm) AThen well run
Until were strong enough to jump.
A GThen well fly
Until there is no end.
(Cm) ASo lets crawl, crawl, crawl
Back to love. A G (Cm) A(Yeah, back to love, yeah.)
Why did I change the pace? Hearts were never meant to race. Always felt the need for space. And now I cant reach your face. So where are you standing now? Are you in the crowd of my faults? Love, cant you see my hand? I need one more chance. We can still have it all. Chorus
A G Everybody sees its you.
(Cm) AWell I never wanna lose that view.
Chorus [2x]
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