Chris Brown - Open Road chords

(Capo 7th fret)

Intro - Em7 D Cadd9 x3 Last time through Em C

Am CI shouldíve been a better man
GInstead of wasting time spending my life
Em7Searching for the finer things
Am CYou always gave me another chance to make it right
G But I didnít deserve
Em7Cause I didnít understand
(Chorus played hard)
Am CAnd I feel so bad
GCause you wouldnít do the same to me
Cadd9But I know what you weakness is
Am CAnd you feel so great
GAnd now youíre on an open road
Cadd9So gone, not looking back
(Same as verse 1) I thought I had you on a leash Like I could do whatever I wanted to when I wanted to And you was gonna wait for me baby And now the tables have turned And now I feel like Youíre the master and Iím on the strings Youíre in control of me (Same as chorus 1) And I feel so bad Cause you wouldnít do the same to me But I know what you weakness is And you feel so great And now youíre on an open road So gone, not looking back
AmIím looking for her
C Iím tryna find her x2
GI really need her
Cadd9I think I love her
Am Gsus4You can blame it all on me
Am CI know itís like this because of me
Am Gsus4Now Iím just like a hitchhiker waiting for a ride
Gsus4With no cars in sight
All the rest the same played the same. Submitted by Jesse Taylor
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