Chris Brown – This Christmas chords

This Christmas - Chris Brown
Capo 3

DHang all the mistletoe
B7 CI'm gonna get to know you better
G F#m EmThis Christ-mas
D B7And as we trim the tree
G F#m Em This Christ-mas
A B7The fireside is blazing bright
B7 CWe're caroling through the night
D GThis Christmas will be
B7 CA very special Christmas for me
Instrumental break (D B A-F# G F E D) x2 The second verse is just the same Presents and cards are here My world is filled with cheer and you This Christ-mas and as i look around Your eyes outshine the town, they do This Christmas The fireside is blazing bright And we're caroling through the night And this Christmas will be A very special Christmas for me Instrumental Break x2 All you do next is play the verse and chours again and instrumental break again and thats the whoulde song. ENJOY!!!! :)
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