Chris Cornell – Scream tab

Yeah I know its kinda weird, 
but I just listened to a new song by Chris Cornell yesterday 
(Scream) and suddenly I found out 
what the chords for the song was on guitar! 
I know its pretty alternative to play it on guitar, 
since its hiphop, and the song is played by
drum machines and stuff but whatever! 
I'm bored, so I'll submit the chords anyways 
if somebody suddenly wants to play it on guitar! 
Listen to the song to figure out when the chords are played ;) 
Its very simple. Its just:

F# D F#m A E

Y'know, like

F#           D F#m              A
Take a minute to tell you right
E                          F#
And you can say what you want
          D F#m          A
Turn around every night
E                           F#
So now you're always going off..

and so on.. Listen to the song if you have doubts. 
Those 5 chords're all that is needed! 
You guys in here might not be interested 
in songs like this but hey.. I'm just doing it for fun!

Any questions:

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