Chris Cornell - Scar On The Sky chords

			     Scar On The Sky - Chris Cornell
Tabbed by: HTOJ

The intro is from the album track, the rest is tabbed from his live performances.


Am Ab C C/G D D7 Dsus4/F# E Em Em7 F Fm F7 G G* G#|-0--x--0-0---2-2--3--------0-0--0---1-1--1--3-3--4--||-1--3--1-1---3-1--3--------0-0--3---1-1--4--3-3--4--||-2--3--0-0---2-2--2--------1-0--0---2-1--2--0-4--5--||-2--3--2-2---0-0--0--------2-2--2---3-3--1--0-5--6--||-0--1--3-x---x-x--0--------2-2--2---3-3--3--2-5--6--||-x--x--x-3---x-x--2--------0-0--0---1-1--1--3-3--4--|
Verse 1
C E F CAs I fall I leave this scar upon the sky
E F F7A simple note for you, Iíll wait for your reply
Dsus4/F# G Am C/G D7 DAnd in your answer Iíll regain my will to try
C Em FSo hover in the diving light and we will rip the night
Fm Am C/GOut of the arms of the sun, one more time
C D7 D FClose your eyes and we fly, above the clouded sky
Fm Am D7 DAnd over the dumbstruck world, we will run
Verse 2
C E F CIn these hills they wash the golden grains away
E F F7To the valley under all of this I lay
Dsus4/F# G Am C/G D7 DAnd there you dug me up, unearthed and saved
Play Chorus
G# G* We can rip the night out of the arms of the sun
Solo Am / Em / Am / Em / C / D7 / G# / G Bridge
C E F CA blood red feather leaves a scar upon my hand
E F F7No longer scrounded like a painted bird on a fan
Play Chorus
G# G* C AbWe can rip the night out of the arms of the sun x2
G# G* CWe can rip the night out of the arms of the sun
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