Chris Cornell – Disappearing One tab

			     DISAPPEARING ONE - Chris Cornell
Tabbed by: Per Budtz-Jørgensen

Tuning: EADGBe 
        capo 4. fret

Intro: E    |E/g# |Am   |Em/g |F#   |F    |

E             E/g#  Am         Em/g
What have you done, my little spark?
F#          F            E      D      Am
Cursing my name ’cause again I put you out
E        E/g#       Am               Em/g
Falling apart, you tell yourself you are
          F#          F         E     D       
Dreaming only of the ones who never dream of 
Am        Am/g      F#ø       B7
you..                         never dream of
Am        Am/g      F#ø       B7/f#

C      G/b     Am     E/g#
I’m your disappearing one
C   G/b          Am        E/g#
Vanish when the curtain’s drawn
    F            D/f#      E/g#            Am  C/g
But I will come again, and you will let me in
            F          Fm/c  Bb        C   (E when chorus is repeated...)
And you’ll see I never disappear for long

Chords: E E/g# Am Em/g F# F D Am/g F#ø B7 C G/b D/f#e|0-----0-----0-----0-----2-----1-----2-----0-----0-----2-----0-----3-----2--|B|0-----0-----1-----0-----2-----1-----3-----1-----1-----4-----1-----3-----3--|G|1-----4-----2-----0-----3-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----0-----0-----2--|D|2-----2-----2-----2-----4-----3-----0-----2-----2-----4-----2-----0-----4--|A|2-----2-----0-----2-----4-----3-----------x-----x-----2-----3-----2-----5--|E|0-----4-----------3-----2-----1-----------3-----2-----------------------2--|
C/g Fm/c Bbe|0-----1-----1--------------------------------------------------------------|B|1-----1-----3--------------------------------------------------------------|G|0-----1-----3--------------------------------------------------------------|D|2-----3-----3--------------------------------------------------------------|A|3-----3-----1--------------------------------------------------------------|E|3--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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