Chris De Burgh – A Rainy Night In Paris tab

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    Well, here is a simple version of a guitar arrangement
of the song "A Rainy Night In Paris" from the album
"At Then End Of A Perfect Day" by Chris de Burgh.

    This original song features a piano and a saxophone.
This arrangement may be used as a main frame, without much
difficulty, to which you can add your own variations.

    If you're interested in CdB's songs, you can reach me

    Have fun...


# A Rainy Night In Paris
# Chris de Burgh
# From the album : At The end Of A Perfect Day

  The intro is also the main theme.

Em B7!-----------------!-----------------!!-0---0---1---0---!---0---0-----0---!!-----0---0---0---!---------2---2---!!---2---2---2-----!-----4-----1---1-!!-----------------!-2---------------!!-0---------------!-----------------!
Em B7!-----------------!-----------------!!-----0---1---0---!---0---0-----0---!!-----0---0---0---!---------2---2---!!---2---2---2-----!-----4-----1---1-!!-----------------!-2---------------!!-0---------------!-----------------!
Am D7 G!-----------------!---------3---3---!!-------0-1---0---!-----3---3---3---!!-2---2-----2---0-!---0---0---0---0-!!---2-----0-------!-----------------!!-0---------------!-----------------!!-----------------!-3---------------!
C/G B/F# Em!-----------------!-0---2---3---3---!-----------------!-0---0---0---0---!-0-----2-------0-!---0---0---0---0-!-----2-------4---!-----------------!---3-------2-----!-----------------!-3-------2-------!-0---------------
The verse is the main theme twice with a variation on the last bar.
Em 1st time -!-----------------! -!---------0---0---! -!-----0=2-0---0---! -!---2-------2-----! -!-----------------! -!-0---------------!
Em 2nd time -!---------------0-! -!---------0---0---! -!-----0=2---0-----! -!---2-----2-------! -!-----------------! -!-0---------------!
The second type of verse.
Em Am!-0-----0-0-------!---------0-------!!-----0---0-----0-!-1-------0=1=0---!!---0-----0---0---!-----2---2-----2-!!---------2-------!---2---2-2-------!!---------2-------!-0-------0-------!!-0-------0-------!-----------------!
D G!---------2-------!-----3-------3---!!-3---3---3-----0-!-----3-------3---!!---2---2-2---2---!---0---0---0---0-!!-0-------0-------!-----------------!!-----------------!-----------------!!-----------------!-3-------2-------!
Em Am!---------0-------!---------0-------!!-----0---0---3---!-1-------1---1-0-!!---0---0-0-------!-----2---2-------!!---------2-------!---2---2-2-------!!---------2-------!-0-------0-------!!-0-------0-------!-----------------!
F B7!---------1-------!-----------------!-1-------1=0-----!---0---0-----0---!-----2---2---2---!---------2---2---!---3---3-3-------!-----4-----1---1-!---------3-------!-2---------------!-1-------1-------!-----------------
The conclusion is a variation on the main theme. It's a rainy night in Paris, And the harbour lights are low. He must leave his love in Paris Before the winter snow. On a lonely street in Paris, He held her close to say " We'll meet again in Paris When there are flowers on the Champs-Elysees. " " How long " she said " How long, And will your love be strong ? When you're across the sea, Will your love remember me ? " Then she gave him words to turn to When the winter nights were long. " Nous serons encore amoureux Avec les couleurs du printemps. " " And then " she said " And then, Our love will grow again. " Ah, but in her eyes he sees Her words of love are only words to please. And now the lights of Paris Grow dim and fade away. And I know by the light of Paris I will never see her again.
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