Chris De Burgh – Borderline chords ver. 2

GI'm standing in the station
DI'm waiting for a train
Amto take me to the border
Emand my love run fare away
DI watch the bunches soldiers
Emheading for the war
D Am GI could hardly even beare to see them go
Rolling through the country side G tears are in my eyes D we're coming to the borderline Am I'm ready with my live Em in the early morning rain D I see her there Em and I know I have to say good by again D Am G -D
GCHORUS: And it's breaking my heart
Em I know what I must do
Am I hear my country call me
D but I wanna be with you
G I'm taking my side
Em one of us will loose
Am don't let go I wanna know
F Em - Am that you will wait for me until the day
Em - Am Em - D there's no borderline, no borderline
Walking passed the border quards G reaching for her hand D show her no emotion Am I wanna break into her???? Em but these are boys D and I will never know Em how man can see the wisdom in a war D Am G (REPEAT CHORUS) (INSTRUMENTAL CHORUS) G Em Am D G Em Am F Em Am Em Am Em D TAG: no borderline, no borderline
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