Chris De Burgh - Im Not Scared Anymore chords

AWhen I'm lying in the arms
Of the woman I love, I'm completely at peace with the world,
DAnd the dark clouds around me
That often surround me Just fall away into the night,
AI'm not scared anymore;
AWhen I can't sleep at night
And I just stare at the moon, Listening to your beating heart,
DTo know that you're with me,
And the love that you give me, Keeps me from falling apart,
AI'm not scared anymore;
D AOoh___ ooh____you are near,
Ooh___ ooh____you are here; When I think about the ways Of the other world, And all the ones who've gone before, Well I believe they can see us Believe they are with us Hear every word that we speak, I'm not scared anymore,
F#m - E - D - AOooh_________
F#m EThey hear every word that we say,
F#m - E - D - C#mOooh_________
D Esus4When I have my lover with me,
E AI'm not scared anymore,
D A - DI'm not scared anymore;
When I'm looking at my children And the world where we live, And the violence coming every day, Well I know I'll protect them With the power of my love, To the very last drop of my blood, I'm not scared anymore, Can you hear me, I am near, Can you see me, I am here
A When I'm lying in the arms
Of the woman I love, I'm completely at peace
D - E/DWith the world,
D AI'm not scared anymore,
I'm not scared anymore, I'm not scared anymore. (from
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