Chris De Burgh - Satin Green Shutters tab

Satin Green Shutters
By Chris de Burgh

Am		   C
Where your love is put your heart
F                   E
Guard these moments well
Am		        C
Where your dreams are, put your hopes
F			E
You know they will not fail you
Am			     G
When the sun rises in the morning 
F				E
You will wake up and find her yawning
Am				F
When the wind blows strong and cold
F			      E
She’ll be with you until you grow old
Am	            C
Where your love is, put your heart
F	              E	                  Am         Dm / F / E
For what would you do if your dreams came true?

Am	        F	Am	    Dm	        Am
I would build a lovely house, with satin green shutters
Dm             Am	G	    E               Dm / Am
It would be lovely, the most lovely house in the world
Am                  C       Am
And I would sing a lovely song
Dm	       Am 	Dm 	  Am
With you in my mind and you in my eyes
    G	         E	      Dm /  Am
The most lovely song in the world
F	              G	                   Am
I would write it down on the walls just for you
E	        F
Just for you…… and I would hold you in my arms
        G           Am
For the rest of my days

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Hope you enjoy it guys – it’s my first tab!!

John 3 : 16
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