Chris Doheny - The Footy Show - More Than A Game chords

Intro (After Trumpet Intro)

Understand, theres a fire that burns brightly inside of you
Bb5            Bb5                       F5                 F5

Called to arms, you must stand and face your fear.
Bb5             Bb5                   F5          F5 Bb5 Ab5  

The time has arrived to be the best that you can be
Gb5           Ab5               Bb5                Bb5 Bb5 Ab5

All that disappears, the spotlight awaits.
Gb F Eb Db C Bb Ab Gb F5-----

Its More than a game, More than a game
Db5             Eb5     F5       F5

All the fortune and fame, Its more than a game
   Db5              Eb5           F5 Eb5 F5
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