Chris Hendricks Band - Anthem chords

Anthem Song – Chris Hendricks Band

Standard Tuning - EADGBe

B C#mSometimes when you wake up and you can't get outta bed
F#m BWith the world on your shoulders and a pounding in your head
B C#mWhen your drowning in the water woah and you can hardly breathe
F#m A EFind the motion in the ocean. Hold your head up and believe that
G#m C#m You got no real reason to feel down
D#m C#mListen to my brand new sound
B F#mWoaaah this is my anthem, sung to all of you people
G#m BIf your faith is shaken, listen and be stable
B F#mThough the rain is heavy and the road is long
A E BSing it with me and be strong. This is my anthem song.
B C#mWhen your will seems to be leaving on the last train home
F#m BWhen you lose track of your love, and forget where you come from
B C#mTake a lesson in the rhythm go on rock out to the rhyme
F#m AKeep the beat square underneath your feet and you might make it out
Ethis time
G#m C#mCuz you got no real reason to be wrong.
D#m C#mListen to my brand new song
B C#mJack be nimble jack be quick, jack jump over that candlestick
F#m A EBut sometimes he slip sometimes he fall and the whole wide world don't matter at all
B C#mThen Jack meet Jill she kinda cute, baby ain’t nobody ever bullet proof
F#m A EHere's a little bitty piece of God's simple truth. I love you the way you are.
B Dbm Ebm ERise up now y’all, Rise up now y’all. Rise up now y’all. Come on rise up.
Repeat Repeat Chorus
A E BSing it with me and be strong... this is my anthem song.
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