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                   SOMEBODY'S CRYING -- Chris Isaak

Here is my interpretation of Chris Isaak' Somebody's crying.  I think I got
the picking right ...It sounds good to me.
Blame me if you find any mistakes of inconsistencies.

These are the picks for each of the cords used in the verses. keep repeating.

C Am F Ce|---------|-----0---|-------|---------|B|-----1---|---1---1-|-1-----|-1-------|G|---0---0-|---------|---2---|---0---0-|D|---------|---------|-3---3-|-----2---|A|-3-------|-0-------|-------|-3-------|E|---------|---------|-------|---------| I know somebody...
First part of the chorus, of "So please.." bit.
C Am F Ce|---------|---------|-------|---------|B|-----1---|-----1---|-1-----|-1-------|G|---0---0-|---2---2-|---2---|---0---0-|D|---------|---------|-3---3-|-----2---|A|-3-------|-0-------|-------|-3-------|E|---------|---------|-------|---------| So please...
Second part of the chorus, the "Return the love.." and "Let me know.." bits. C F C Fe|-------|---------|-------|---------|B|-1-----|-1-------|-1-----|-1-------|G|---0---|---2---2-|---0---|---2---2-|D|-3---3-|-----3---|-3---3-|-----3---|A|-------|-3-------|-------|-3-------|E|-------|---------|-------|---------| Return the love...
Here is the cord progession, where each cord can be picked as shown above. C Am F C I know somebody and they cry for you C Am F C They lie awake at night and dream of you C Am F C I bet you never even know they do, but C Am F C Somebody's crying C Am F C I know somebody and they call your name C Am F C A million times and still you never came C Am F C They go on loving you just the same, I know that C Am F C Somebody's trying CHORUS C Am F C So please.... C F C F Return the love you took from me C Am F C Oh please.... C F C F Let me know if it can't be me C Am F C I know when somebody's lying x2 C Am F C I know that somebody's lying x2 C Am F C Give me sign to let me know we're through C Am F C If you don't love me like I love you C Am F C But if you cry like the way I do, I know that C Am F C Somebody's lying REPEAT CHORUS C Am F C Oh I.... C Am F F F C (Strum the three Fs and last C downwards) Oh I.... Have fun breaking some hearts with this tune! Adrian. -----
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