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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 14:50:19 -0600
From: "J.P." 
Subject: Another Idea By Chris Isaak

Song Title: Another Idea
Written By: Chris Isaak
>From The CD: Silvertone
Transcribbed On: B.C. Rich Warlock 6-String Electric
This File Tabbed & Arranged By: J.P. Seneviratne
Standard Tuning												     Rock/Pop

                                      Another Idea
                                    As Performed By:
                              Chris Isaak & The Silvertones

Intro. Chords:(Open Chords)Am-Em-Am-Em-Am-Em-Am-Em    (Palm Mute)Am-Em-Am-Em

Verse 1:
Am           Em                   Am           Em
She never sleeps at night she's quiet but she dreams.
Am           Em          Am                    Em
Her mind is racing, she plans, she plots, she schemes.
        Am     Em    Am    Em
Another idea.

Verse 2:
Am         Em             Am                    Em
She takes apart the past and re-writes all her lines.
Am              Em          Am                   Em
She's tried to win him back a hundred different times,
                  Am    Em    Am    Em
She's got another idea.

Am         Em       Am           Em             Am
She keeps waiting, hoping he'll come back some day,
        Em       Am         Em         Am    Em
She'll leave me, until she does I can say.
F                  G
Wait, please don't go,
I've got another idea.

Verse 3:
Am        Em              Am               Em
No fun to be the one that love is praticed on,
Am           Em             Am                Em
Why should I leave her she wouldn't know I've gone
I've got another idea.

          Em       Am             Em         Am
I'll keep waiting, hoping she'll love me someday,
       Em      Am        Em         Am     Em
She'll want me until she does I can say.
F                  G
Wait, please don't go,
                            (Am-Em progression until fade)
I've got another idea.

Solo:Part of this is also played under the intro. chords|--------------------------|------------------------|------------------------------||--------------------------|------------------------|------------------------------||--9-11-12-9---9-11-12s16--|--9-11-12---9-11-12s18--|--17-19--12-15--17-19--12-15--||--------------------------|------------------------|------------------------------||--------------------------|------------------------|------------------------------||--------------------------|------------------------|------------------------------|
|------------------------------|--19------------19------------||------------------------------|-----19--15-17-----19--15-17--||--17-19--12-15--17-19--12-15--|------------------------------| Fade Out|------------------------------|------------------------------||------------------------------|------------------------------||------------------------------|------------------------------|
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