Chris Rice - Here Come Those Eyes chords version 1

                      Here Come Those Eyes - Chris Rice
Tabbed By: Clay Dunston

Tuning: Standard
Key: Bb

Cm7 Dm7 Eb F9 Bb F Gm C C7 Db Abe [---3-----5-----6-----8-----6-----8-----10----8-----8-----4-----4----]B [---4-----6-----8-----8-----6-----10----11----8-----8-----6-----4----]G [---3-----5-----8-----8-----7-----10----12----9-----9-----6-----5----]D [---5-----7-----8-----7-----8-----10----12----10----8-----6-----6----]A [---3-----5-----6-----8-----8-----8-----10----10----10----4-----6----]E [---3-----5-----6-----x-----6-----8-----10----8-----8-----4-----4----]
Intro: Cm7 - Dm7 - Eb - F9 - Bb
Bb Eb Here come those eyes
Bb EbThere goes my ability to breathe
BbThose legs are walkin' her to me
Eb FOh, tell me I ain't dreamin'
Bb EbHere comes that smile
Bb EbI can't even move, can't even blink
Bb'Cause I don't wanna miss a thing
Bb F And I ain't even foolin' when I say the boys are droolin'
Gm CAnd the girls are all starin' her down
Cm7 Dm7 Eb F9 Bb Eb Bb EbMy knees go weak and my heart starts to pound.
Bb EbIt happens every time
Bb EbShe saunters into the room
BbIt all blurs and all starts to zoom
Eb FAnd then my head starts spinnin'
Bb EbShe gets a few feet away
Bb EbAnd suddenly we're both in slow motion
Bb Like we're alone in the deep blue ocean
EbI know it's just a feelin'
F Gm CBut it might as well be real because I think I might be fixin' to drown
Cm7 Dm7 Eb F9 BbMy knees go weak and my heart starts to pound.
Eb Bb DbShe takes my hand
Ab EbI don't know what to say
Bb C7She understands anyway...
Bb EbAnd here comes those eyes
Bb EbCan she even see what I'm thinking of
BbIf this is what they call love
EbI can't believe I'm in it
FThankin' heaven every minute
Gm CI'm the luckiest boy in this town
Cm7 Dm7 Eb F9My knees go weak and my heart stops
Cm7 Dm7 Eb F9I can't catch my breath
Cm7 Dm7 Eb F9I think I'd better sit down
Cm7 Dm7 Eb F9 Bb Eb Bb Eb BbMy knees go weak and my heart starts to pound.
Cm7 Dm7 Eb Gm7 F9[---3----5----6---/10--------8---][---4----6----8---/11-------8----][---3----5----8---/10------8-----][---5----7----8---/12-----7------][---3----5----6---/10----8-------][---3----5----6------------------]
************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down
| h hammer-on| p pull-off
| ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
| b Bend| pb Pre-bend
| br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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