Chris Smithers - The Devils Real tab

			     The Devil's Real - Chris Smithers
Tabbed by:talesofthelost

Tuning: capo 2 (normal tuning)

There is a distinct lack of chris smithers tabs on the net.  here is my version of The 
Real.  I cant do the finger picking he does, so i strum the chords, which are Am, Dm, E 
think).  Also for the riffs and solo i make that up, so i don't tab it here.  the
intro is as close as i could get to the record.

hint:  if you do fingerpick this song, then always chris is hitting the A string bass note.

notes and chords relative to capo.  basically the key of the song is Bm, but with the 
on on the second fret it is Am as it makes it easy to repeatedly hit that A string.

anyway, hope this helps, and feel free to play around with the song, cos this was the 
i could do.


V1 Am The devil ain't a legend, the devil's real Am in the empty way he touched me where i hardly feel Dm in the empty hole inside me, where nothing ever ride me Am down into my grave that does not heal bridge E and nothing is a something, it'll suck you dry. Am as a whisper you can hardly hear that tells you why riff? V2 Am They told me you ain't got no problems, you self-deceived Am these seeming contradictions, they're make believe Dm it was then that I decided, my life was being guided Am by a second rate dependence on a first class phase bridge E They told me I was breaking through, but I was breaking down Am E by the time I heard the difference they had long left town riff? V3 Am You know they're so malicious, they're mean Am they so vaguely well-intentioned with no love I've seen Dm and it's the emptiness that'll kill you, cold comfort that'll fill you Am with a sense of dread making things worse than they seem bridge E They don't tell you nothing, you don't already know Am E they just keep holding out the promise but they don't let go riff? V4 Am well it was hard luck and trouble, bad times too Am I know i had 'em coming, but I got through Dm it was advise that you gave me in a dream, that saved me Am you said "get a new life contract that spells out your dues" bridge E too good will define it, a clear conscience to sign it Am E now I dream 'bout the good times and it all comes true solo? repeat verse 1 and 4 to end | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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