Chris Tomlin – Youre The One tab

You're The One
Chris Tomlin
The Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack

FYI Chords(A,D) A De|-0----0-----|B|-0----2-----|G|-2----3-----|D|-2----0-----|A|-0----------|E|-x----------|
Capo 2 Verse 1: E A I heard Your song coming over the hill E A I knew it seemed like the world stood still E A You were singin’ a melody that caught me by surprise E A Yeah it sounded familiar to me, like I'd known it all my life E A And I keep looking down as I move in closer E A My heart is racing now with fear and wonder E A Could I come back to You so long on my own E A From where I am, I know this is not my home Chorus: E A ('Cause) You're the one I believe D A A king, and friend has always been holding onto me E D You're the one that I have seen A D Your life and death the endless breath breathing into me E A Just the mention of Your name and I know, A I know I've found love E A E A D 'Cause You're the one Verse 2: High in a hidden world is where You are found Where every living thing circles around I find myself again where I used to be With the rescued ones falling on my knees Bridge: E A In Your presense there is mercy E A In the fear, joy and the tears E A It's Your goodness that keeps on A keeps on calling us here D Drawing us near
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