Chris Tomlin – You Are Holy tab

You Are Holy
tabbed by trey roberts

Verse 1:


I saw the Lord seated on 

       Em                     Cadd9 

His throne, He was clothed in glory


and exalted hi - gh and the train

       G               Em

of His robe filled the temple, the 

               Cadd9          Dsus-D

angels circled around Him and cr - ied


G             Em

You are holy, oh so holy,

Cadd9                Dsus-D

You are holy Lord of all

Verse 2:

Woe is me, for I'm unclean, 

for my eyes have seen the 

Holy King, and He cleansed my lips 

before I died and the pillars shook 

as the angels cried

**keep your pinky and ring fingers on the 3rd fret while playing G, Em, and Cadd9**
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