Chris Tomlin - My Deliverer tab

           My Deliverer -- Chris Tomlin

Song: My Deliverer
Artist: Chris Tomlin
Album: Hello Love
Track #09
Standard Tuning

Intro:e|---------------------------------------------------|B|--14----14----16----14----14----14----16----18-----|G|-----13----13----13----13----13----13----13----13--| X7D|---------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
play the above part 7 times and for the 8th time I prefer to play this, but do whatever you think sounds bettere|----------------------------------------------------|B|--14----14----16----14----14----14----14-16-18--14~-|G|-----13----13----13----13----13----13---------------|D|----------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------|
That's it. This is a super easy intro. If you want, instead of reaching for the 18th fret on the B string, just play the 13th fret on the high E string if it's easier for you. Please feel free to comment and please rate.
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