Chris Tomlin – Jesus Messiah chords

Jesus Messiah
-Chris Tomlin

Original Key: Capo on 4th fret
*But I play with the capo on 1st fret

Strumming pattern:  D, D, D, UD, UD, D, DU

G Am7He became sin, who knew no sin
B C9That we might become, His Righteousness
G Am7He humbled Himself, He carried the cross
B C9 Love so amazing
B C9 Love so amazing
G C9Jesus Messiah, Name above all names
B Dsus4 DBlessed Redeemer, Emmanuel
G C9The Rescue for Sinners, the Ransom from Heaven
B Dsus4 GJesus Messiah, Lord of All
G Am7His body the bread, His blood the wine
Am7 BAll our hope is in You
C9 Dsus4All our hope is in You
Am7 BAll our hope is in You, God
C9 Dsus4 D The Light of the World
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