Chris Tomlin - Love chords

This song can be played open or with the Capo on the 6th fret where you are playing the 
as if you were in the key of G. I will put the chords for the Capo in ().
C#(G) C#(G)Intro: There is Love, There is Love x2
Verse 1:
C#(G) F#(C)When our hope is hard to find
C#(G) F#(C)And our faith is in decline
Bb(Em) Ab(D)we need a cause to stand behind
Verse 2 We all want the way it feels The time it comes, the time it steals what remains, what is real Love
F#(C) Ab(D)There is love there is forgiveness
F#(C) Ab(D)There is love in times of need
F#(C) Ab(D)When life is cold there is a promise
Bb(Em) Ab(D) F#(C)You will never go without
(Intro) it heals the sick, converts the weak breaks the proud, raises the meek in this life no guarantees There is love (Chorus) Bridge:
C#(G)Love is the answer
Bb(Em)love will find a way
F#(C)when we love one another
Ab(D)its a brighter day
(Chorus) Outro: C#(G), F#(C) Love....hello love
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