Chris Tomlin - Awakening chords

Chris Tomlin
Standard Tuning
Capo 3
Tabbed by Joshua Coffman

I have tabbed out two different sets of Chords. For the beginning of the song you 
can just pick the Chords and then play them full. I have also tabbed out the solo 
for you. I am almost certain this is 100% correct but if you have suggestions 
please leave them. This is a great song and probably one of Chris Tomlin's best. I 
got to see him to do it live at passion and practically learned the song there. 

Intro - C (D#)

Verse 1

C (D#) G (A#)In our hearts Lord, In this Nation
F (G#) C (D#)Awakening
C (D#) G (A#)Holy Spirit, We desire
F (G#) C (D#)Awakening
F (G#)For You and You alone
Am (Cm)Awake my soul
C (D#) G (A#)Awake my soul and sing
F (G#)For the world You loved
Am (Cm)Your will be done
C (D#) G (A#)Let your will be done in me
Verse 2 In Your presence, in Your power Awakening For this moment, for this hour Awakening Chorus - 2x Interlude - 2x
F (G#) Am (Cm)Like the rising sun that shines
C (D#) G (A#)From the darkness comes a light
F (G#) - Am (Cm) - C (D#) - G(A#)I hear Your voice and this is my Awakening
Bridge Building - x2 Like the rising sun that shines Awake my soul, Awake my soul and sing From the darkness comes a light Awake my soul, Awake my soul and sing Like the rising sun that shines Awake my soul, Awake my soul and sing Only You can raise a life Awake my soul, Awake my soul and sing Ending In our hearts Lord In the nations Awakening
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