Chris Tomlin – Your Grace Is Enough chords ver. 2

Chris Tomlin
"Your Grace is Enough"

Verse 1:
Asus2 F#m11 DGreat is your faithfulness, oh God.
F#m11 E DYou wrestle with the sinner's heart.
Asus2 F#m11 DYou lead us by still waters into mercy,
F#m11 E DAnd nothing can keep us apart.
Bm9 ASo, remember Your people,
Dmaj7 ERemember Your children,
F#m11 E D D5add#4 D5 D6sus2Remember Your promise, oh God.
A Esus4Your grace is enough,
F#m11 DYour grace is enough,
A Esus4 DYour grace is enough for me.
Verse 2:
Asus2 F#m11 DGreat is Your love and justice God.
F#m11 E DYou use the weak to lead the strong.
Asus2 F#m11 DYou lead us in the song of Your salvation
F#m11 E DAnd all Your people sing along.
Pre-Chorus Chorus x2 Pre-Chorus Chorus Transition to Chorus 2: (D) D5add#4 D5 D6sus2 Chorus 2:
A Esus4Your grace is enough.
F#m11 DHeaven reaching down to us.
A Esus4 D D5add#4 D5 D6sus2Your grace is enough for me.
A Esus4God I see your grace is enough.
F#m11 DI'm covered in Your love.
A Esus4 DYour grace is enough for me.
End on AFor me.
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