Chris Tomlin - I Will Follow chords version 1

Intro Chorus
Em C/E Where You go, Iíll go
G/DWhere You stay, Iíll stay
DWhen You move, Iíll move
Em7, C2, G, DI will followÖ
Verse 1
C Em7All Your ways are good
DAll Your ways are sure
G D/F# CI will trust in You alone
Em7Higher than my sight
DHigh above my life
G CI will trust in You alone
DIn You alone
Em7 C2 Where You go, I'll go
GWhere You stay, I'll stay
DWhen You move, I'll move
I will follow You
Em7 C2 Who You love, I'll love
GHow You serve I'll serve
D Em7, C2If this life I lose, I will follow You
G D I will follow You
Verse 2
C Em7Light unto the world
DLight unto my life
G D CI will live for You alone
Em7You're the one I seek
DKnowing I will find
G C DAll I need in You alone, in You alone
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge
C G DIn You there's life everlasting
C G DIn You there's freedom for my soul
C G D C In You there's joy, unending joy
G Dand I will follow
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