Chris Tomlin - All Bow Down chords version 1

Hello Everyone, I am doing this for the blessings of god. This is my first tabs. I 
got this out of the Music book so I believe it is the right chords into the song. 
Questions or song request? Email me at Enjoy and god Bless!

Verse 1:

B A/B You're arriving with the sound of thudner and rain,
B A/B You're arriving i n the calm of the wind and the waves,
B A/B E7 Your're arriving in the glow of a burning flame, a burning flame.
Verse 2:
B A/B Praise awaits You at the dawn when the world comes alive,
B A/B Praise awaits You in the darkness and the shines in the light,
B A/B E7 Praise awaits You with a song of love and desire, love and desire.
A EHere comes the king; All bow down.
B Bsus Lift up your voices unto the Lamb.
B/A A E B BsusHe is the king! All bow down, all bow down.
B A/B You are coming again like a thief in the night,
B A/B Your are coming again with a shout from the sky,
B A/B E7 You are coming again to take away Your bride, to take away Your bride.
B A EYeah, You are the King!
B A EYeah, You are the king!
A EYou are the king; all bow down.
B BsusLife up your vioces unto the Lamb.
B/A A E B (Bsus 1st time only)You are the King! All bow down, all bow down.
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