Chris Tomlin - I Lift My Hands chords

Play straight through once - chorus - bridge - chorus 2x - end w/intro 2x


A D6 F#m7 E (2x)


A D/F#Be still, there is a healer
F#m7 EHis love is deeper than the sea
A/C# D2His mercy is unfailing
F#m7 EHis arms, a fortress for the weak
Bm7 A/C#Let Faith Arise
Bm7 ELet Faith Arise
AI Lift My Hands to believe again
Fm#7 DYou are my Refuge, you are my strength
A/C#As I pour out my heart, these things I remember
A7/G D2You are Faithful God forever
A D6 F#m7 E - only after 1st chorus VERSE 2:
A D/F#Be Still, there is a river
F#m7 EThat flows from Calvary's Tree
A/C# D2A Fountain for the thirsty
F#m7 EHis Grace, that washes over me
A F#m7(A7/G) D2Let Faith Arise (2x), Open My Eyes (2x)
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