Chris Tomlin - All To Us chords version 2

These are the chord progressions from "All To Us" on Chris Tomlin's latest album 
And If Our God Is For Us.  Hope this helps!

All To Us
by: Chris Tomlin

F   Am   G

Verse 1:
F C G/B - CPrecious Cornerstone, sure foundation
F C GYou are faithful to the end
F C G/B - AmWe are waiting on you Jesus
F G F Am G (C)We believe You're all to us
(Repeat) Chorus:
G F CLet the glory of Your name be the passion of the church
G F CLet the righteousness of God be a holy flame that burns
G Am FLet the saving love of Christ be the measure of our lives
C G F - C G/B - C F - C G (hold C)We believe You're all to us
Verse 2:
F C G/B - COnly Son of God, sent from Heaven
F C GHope and mercy at the cross
F C G/B - AmYou are everything, You’re the promise
F G CJesus, You are all to us
Chorus (2x) Bridge:
F Am GYoure all to us
F Am GYoure all to us
Dm Am F GYoure all to us
CYes, You are
(Repeat) Verse 3:
F - C G/B - CWhen this passing world is over
F C GWe will see you face to face
F - C G/B - AmAnd forever we will worship
F G AmJesus, You are all to us
F G (Intro Chords)Jesus, You are all to us
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