Chris Tomlin - Made To Worship chords

I've been playing it this way for years and it sounds the most correct.


A   D   A   D

Verse 1:
A E/G#Before the day, Before the light
F#m DBefore the world revolved around the sun
A E/G#God on high stepped down into time
F#m D EAnd wrote the story of his love for everyone
Bm EHe has filled our hearts with wonder
Bm D ESo that we always remember
AYou and I are made to worship
DYou and I are called to love
Bm EYou and I are forgiven and free
AWhen you and I embrace surrender
DWhen you and I choose to believe
Bm EYou and I will see
A ('Bm' straight away when going into the bridge, no A)Who we were meant to be
Verse 2:
A E/G#All we are and all we have
F#m DIs all a gift from God that we receive
A E/G#Brought to life we open up our eyes
F#m D ETo see the majesty and glory of the King
Bm AEven the rocks cry out
DEven the heavens shout
Bm EAt the sound of his Holy name
Bm ASo let every sing out
ELet every knee bow down
Bm EHe is worthy of all our praise
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