Chris Tomlin – Our God Is Greater chords ver. 6

Em C G Water You turned into wine
Em C G opened the eyes of the blind
Am there's no one like You
Dsus none like You
Em C G Into the darkness You shine
Em C G out of the ashes we rise
Am there's no one like You
Dsus4 none like You
Em Our God is greater
C Our God is stronger
G D God You are higher than any other
Em Our God is healer
C awesome in power
G D Our God, Our God
Em And if our God is for us
C then who could ever stop us
G And if our God is with us
D then what could stand against us
(after you repeat the bridge) Em(8x)C(8x)G(8x)D(8x) to Ch: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes* However You want to perform this song is up to you, I recommend starting with the Ch, just hit and hold the chords, this will allow you to build some enough to give the song a good entrance, Palm strumming is definitely recommended on the verses br and the ch once you are well into the song.
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